Shandongshehai sea related Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Shandong sea related Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to applying China's marine biotechnology to environmental protection industry. With a registered capital of 60 million yuan, the company's business covers the technical development, production, sales, technology transfer, technical consultation, technical training, technical services, international and domestic trade of biodegradable seaweed (Enteromorpha prolifera) dry mulching film products, seaweed bio fertilizer, new environmental protection seaweed biofilm materials, marine food and marine biological products (film). Shandong sea related Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which is invested and controlled by Shandong sea related Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Shandong Huaqi marine science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., is the main listed company. Based on technology, Shandong sea related Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has established a cooperative relationship with the Research Office of seaweed chemistry and application, Ocean University of China. With the support of Professor Xu Jiachao of Ocean University of China and a senior expert in seaweed chemistry and deep processing, Shandong sea related Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has strived to make its core research achievements in the field of biodegradable seaweed (Enteromorpha prolifera) dry mulching film into a popularized environment Protect the project, realize industrial development, and solve the century problem of white pollution in China and even the world. Thanks to the strong foundation, all biodegradable seaweed (Enteromorpha prolifera) dry mulching film has attracted the attention of many agricultural bases. Cooperation agreements have been signed with some regions with strong cooperation intention. The project results will be tested and verified in their regions. This will lay a solid scientific and technological foundation for solving the current ecological crisis and food crisis caused by "white pollution" at home and abroad Road, new starting point. Adhering to the concept of "blue sea, blue sky, green China", sea related science and technology is building an innovative science and technology Kingdom covering environmental film, seaweed bio fertilizer, new environment-friendly seaweed biofilm materials, marine food and marine biological products with the core of all biodegradable seaweed dry mulching film products. It integrates the blue of the ocean and the green of the land into the core of the corporate culture. The deep promotion of all technologies is based on environmental friendliness. At the same time, it must have the characteristics of controllable cost and strong popularization, so as to bring a new series of pollution-free plastic film and pollution-free series of environmental protection products for China's agriculture. Relying on the leading technology of new generation of denaturant gel, the sea related technology is subverting the traditional plastics industry, and promoting the industrialization of the whole biodegradable seaweed dry film, in order to solve the worldwide "white pollution" problem. It has established linkage with people with lofty ideals from all walks of life. The regional headquarters base of marine biotechnology in Shandong Province has been settled in Shanghe County, Jinan City, Shandong Province, and more negotiations are under way. Thanks to the recognition from all walks of life, the sea science and technology will make unremitting efforts to contribute more high-quality environmental protection products to the society.
Brand interpretation
Benefit the great rivers and manage the ocean Mind determines vision. The sea related science and technology shoulders the historical mission, thoroughly implements the general secretary Xi Jinping's strategic thinking of ocean power, regards green environmental protection as its mission, always faces the ocean, relies on the ocean and uses the ocean, transforms the marine resources into various environmental protection products, and constructs the three-dimensional, marine environmental protection technology kingdom. Deeply involved in science and technology, striving to be strong in the sea Science and technology is a powerful weapon of our country. Relying on the abundant marine resources of coastal cities, relying on the high-level marine science and technology talent team of Ocean University of China, the marine science and technology related science and technology innovation is actively carried out around the marine resources, leading, strategic, basic and subversive scientific and technological innovation. The national laboratory system is established, the production University Research Center is established, and the national executive standards of products are formulated. To consolidate the leading position, lead the industry in the future, lead the green emerging products such as marine environmental protection with key technology breakthroughs, strive to create a new situation of green development, and play the blue symphony of the new era.
Brand advertising language
1. Sea related technology, green for you 2. Experts in marine technology and environmental protection products 3. Science and technology related to the sea 4. Marine science and technology, the benchmark of marine environmental protection technology in China 5. Sea related technology enables every ocean and every inch of land on the earth to breathe healthily.
Building area of initial plant
1.5 million
Production line investment
1-5ten thousand tons
Planned annual production of
seaweed mulching film
1000+ Billion
Annual output value of
national market
Sea related technology, leading in the world, subverts the plastic industry and declares war on "white pollution"!