The Research Office of seaweed chemistry and application, Ocean University of China, started to develop seaweed dry film technology since 2010, and successfully developed a fully biodegradable "one kind of seaweed biological dry film" patent technology in 2013; in 2014, it undertook the provincial science and technology major research project "green ecological agriculture fully degraded seaweed dry film" (using sodium alginate as raw material), and completed the project in 2017 This is too high to be promoted; in order to reduce the cost, constantly explore and research, inspired by it, in 2018, we successfully developed 5 national invention patents with independent intellectual property rights and original seaweed dry mulching film, and published 6 relevant SCI papers. This technology has reached the international leading level, which can effectively replace plastic mulching film and solve the problem of "white pollution" in the world. It is an advanced black technology project that benefits the country and the people and benefits future generations.

Shandong sea related Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd., in conjunction with the seaweed chemistry and Application Laboratory of Ocean University of China, vigorously promotes the industrialization of the fully degraded seaweed dry mulching film project. The R & D team consists of 3 senior professors, 3 associate professors, 2 engineers and 5 graduate students in the field of seaweed and agriculture in China. The personnel structure is reasonable and the scientific research force is strong. In addition, the school of food science and engineering of Ocean University of China is a national second-class key discipline with strong teaching staff and advanced detection instruments and means, which can ensure the smooth industrialization of the project 。