Open the signing ceremony of Sunji town project of sea related science and technology

2020-11-20 23:30

On the morning of November 10, the signing ceremony of Shandong sea related marine biotechnology regional headquarters base settled in Shanghe county was solemnly held in Sunji town. Che Fuchun, Secretary of the Party group and director of the market supervision bureau of Shanghe County, Zhao Xiaoqiang, Secretary of the Party committee of Sunji Town, yuan Jiqiang, deputy secretary of the Party committee and mayor of the town, Dai Huiying, deputy secretary of the Party committee and director of the Liaison Office of CPPCC members, and relevant responsible comrades attended the signing ceremony.

Shandong sea related marine biotechnology regional headquarters base

Settled in the signing venue of Shanghe County

As the first high-tech enterprise in China, Shandong Shehai Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has always been committed to environmental friendly technology improvement. Relying on the scientific research and technical strength of Ocean University of China, the marine algae (Enteromorpha prolifera) is transformed into an economic plastic film product with harmless soil and 100% degradable by modern innovative patent technology. It has strong popularization and potential commercial value, and brings good news for China's agriculture to get rid of white pollution completely.

Yang Defeng, Che Fuchun and Yuan Jiqiang sign investment cooperation agreement

Based on the support policies of the state for environmental protection industry and the market prospect of marine science and technology fully biodegradable seaweed dry mulching film products, Shanghe county Party committee and county government have listed it as the key project of attracting investment, and is the first phase project of the regional headquarters base project of marine biotechnology, coordinating the leasing of 10 mu of plant area as the preliminary research and development center and undertaking the production equipment ordered by enterprises in Germany.

Yang Defeng, chairman of Shandong sea science and Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the meeting

After the trial production of the project, Shanghe county will also provide sufficient land for the experiment and promotion of plastic film products, hoping to build the project into a scientific and technological innovation platform integrating technology research and development, achievement transformation, talent gathering, enterprise incubation and innovation alliance, so as to provide talents, science and technology and project support for Sunji town to accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy and realize high-quality development 。

After several months of intensive negotiation and preparation, Shandong sea related marine biotechnology regional headquarters base officially settled in Shanghe. Yang Defeng, chairman of Shandong sea related Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd., expressed his deep and sincere thanks to the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Shanghe County for its strong support, and expressed his good will to promote the project and achieve win-win cooperation between the two sides.

Professor Xu Jiachao, School of food science and engineering, Ocean University of China

Xu Jiachao, a patent technology developer and professor of food science and Engineering School of Ocean University of China, said at the signing ceremony that the all biodegradable seaweed dry mulching film is the world's first and world leading environmental protection technology, which has lasted eight years and tens of thousands of experiments. It is helpful to settle it in Shanghe, a fertile land with a solid agricultural foundation and actively assisted by the government The project is implemented rapidly and stably, and further promoted to the whole country.

Chairman Yang Defeng and his party visited

After the signing ceremony, Chairman Yang Defeng also led the core members of sea related science and technology to visit the rural oasis science and technology innovation center, Jinan sijifeng Food Co., Ltd., gaoxianzhuang garlic planting area and project plant area, hoping to cooperate with Shanghe local government to jointly build and develop the overall situation.

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